Our process is a collaborative one that defines itself by its synergy. By working together, in a cooperative environment where ideas can be exchanged freely, we can create a truly unique outcome that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world!
Being objective is crucial to successful investing. We’ll never let personal politics or feelings cloud our judgment when it comes down to business. We’re always willing to take a step back and make sure we’re working with the right perspective.
Our eyes stay on the prize and we enable shared success through our laser-like focus. We keep our heads down and our hands moving and never let distractions enter our crosshairs.
We constantly aspire to innovate. Whether it’s implementing the newest technologies, or seeking out new strategies we commit ourselves to never slowing down, never becoming close-minded, and never becoming complacent in any of our endeavors. No matter how big or small they may be!
Everything we do daily, be it big or small, is designed to bring joy to your life and delight you. Whether that’s the joys of success or the joys of financial freedom, we’re with you every step of the way.
We seek to connect through direct an open communication. Whether that’s a phone call, an email, a fax, or a hand-delivered letter we strive to be as available as possible no matter your account size!
Freedom is not only liberating, but when it’s properly utilized it can be used as a tool to create a diverse level of success that would be unachievable anywhere else. It’s not all about what we want; it’s about a symbiotic relationship where everyone’s ideas are heard and fully realized.
It doesn’t matter where an idea comes from. If it’s a good idea our doors are always open.
We aim for success, and we measure that success by our wins and losses. When we work together; we don’t succeed unless YOU succeed. Together we’re a team, and THIS team works hard!
We understand that there’s more than one right way to do some things and we’re not scared of collaborating on new solutions or processes. We don’t shy away from new ideas, we welcome them and turn them into tools for achievement.
We aspire to empower everyone we work with to achieve success on all levels. From day 1 to day 1000, we’ll never falter or fail to do everything in our power to put you in a position to flourish.
Honesty is indeed the best policy! Our word is our bond, and we dilligently strive to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who speak their minds, and mean what they say.





You’re probably thinking,

“I’ve been disappointed plenty of times by wealth management companies; what makes these guys so different?”

The difference is, we care about you, not just your investments. The difference is our experience and independence dictates our client policies, not compliance people in some East Coast home office. No red tape. You need something, and we are here for you. We understand you’re tired of the stodgy wealth management companies that promise the world with their comprehensive, tax-sensitive mumbo jumbo and their small-cap large-cap blah blah blahs. So are we. 

You know and we know, the traditional brokers at big banks and supermarket investment companies really don’t care about your investments. What exactly are they doing with your money? Adding to their revenue sharing arrangements, paying for their lavish company trips, and buying fancy cigars and three-piece suits? That’s the way things used to be done; times have changed. We’re not one of the big guys. It’s our job to be proactive – after all, it’s your money. We’re nimble with our investment management in a way that big firms and banks just can’t compete with. At Up Capital Management, there’s no red-tape nonsense that requires most advisors to “stay the course” with your account, knowing that you may experience significant account swings.

Our Investment Policy is to reduce risk when risk appears greater than reward with the objective to avoid significant account swings and volatility. It sounds obvious, reduce risk when it appears greater than reward, but the elephant in the room is supermarket investment firms are greatly limited on their pro-activeness. They are either hamstrung by procedures or long-standing company policies that prevent them from selling stocks and going to cash in shaky markets – even if they believe investor accounts are at risk.

“Riding out” the market when you believe the risk is too great simply makes no sense. If someone were breaking into your house you would do something and not listen to a broker’s advice to “wait and maybe everything will be fine.” You would act now and defend your property!

“Riding out” the market when you believe the risk is too great simply makes no sense.”

If we see the risk becoming greater than the reward as we did in 2002 and 2007, you’ll hear from us immediately – that’s our promise. And if you call us first, we’ll call you back the same day. And you’ll never have to worry who will be calling you; you’ve got direct access to all our team including Anton Bayer, CEO, and Nyle Bayer, VP.

At Up Capital Management, you’re more than just a number with a bank account. Ask our clients, it’s how we built our company and reputation. You and your family are special, and you’ve got big plans. We’re here to help you focus on those plans. The quality of life means worrying about whether you should stay in Hawaii for three weeks instead of two, not second-guessing how your retirement savings are being managed.